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Bringing in the viewers is the Maplestory Mesos
By: Rsgoldfastcom JK
Bringing in the viewers is the main challenge for a game hoping to break into the Maplestory Mesos  esports scene. Luckily for the 2K League, Donohue believes the desire for NBA esports is already there.

The finals of the NBA 2K all-star event in February brought in 2 million viewers.'We get the question constantly asking do you really think people are going to want to watch people play video games against other people? I like to challenge them a bit about their own viewing habits. Think about 10 years ago.

Would people have thought you'd be watching someone else buy up a house, or a cooking show? Yet these are some of the most popular shows on TV right now.''We think expertise, and watching the best of anyone compete at something is a very attractive proposition, and it's exponentially better when you add a layer of competition to it.'Donohue says the regular NBA fan should make the crossover to watching the 2K League naturally.

I think the success the 2K game has had in recent years coincides with the success the NBA has had. So I don't think we're taking from Peter to pay Paul. They will end up buy Maplestory Items scaling together, and I think we may be providing something [to NBA fans] that they already want.' />
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