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  • By: Jackredslock Green · Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 03:24 AM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share

    Players of the long-running (and still popular) Jagex MMO RuneScape have
    raised $90,838 for charity by donating their in-game currency through a magic
    well set within the game referred to as the "Well of Goodwill." the cash raised
    through this community initiative can attend such charities because the Willow
    Foundation, SpecialEffect, Action for teenagers, Games Aid, net Watch
    Foundation, HART and therefore the DEC Philippines storm attractiveness.

    "Many tens of thousands of you broken in to contribute a staggering 544
    billion of in-game wealth, that Jagex can present $54,479 on your behalf. you
    furthermore mght munificently given over seven,000 Bonds, which suggests an
    extra indefinite quantity of $36,359," aforementioned Jagex's Mark Gerhard
    during a message to the Runescape community.

    "The scale of your response was spectacular and deeply moving, and simply
    goes to once more validate what I've continuously believed in: that the
    RuneScape Community is as heat, generous and big-hearted as ever."

    While the Well of Goodwill is presently closed, Jagex guarantees to re-open
    it for brand new donations before long. The well will be found within the game
    in Varrock outside of the doorway of The Grand Exchange.

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    • By: Jackredslock Green · Thu, Dec 5, 2013 at 02:28 AM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share

      As we all know runescape gold has two versions ,eoc(Elolution of Combat) gold
      and old school gold ,But sine old school come back in the early year2013. more
      and more player fall in love with old school runescape ,someone even said that
      :"i enjoy anything that has nothing to do with eoc."

      so why u love old school runescape ?

      Oldschool is definitely the runescape for runescape fans for a lot of
      reasons. First of all, obviously the nostalgia thing is thrown around a lot, but
      it's really a great aspect of the game. someone love the old graphics, other
      people want 09scape or whatever but alot of players dig the old look. But more
      than just that, it feels so untouched. It's like the golden age of runescape
      history. There's no soloman's store, or squeals, or microtransactions, bonds,
      advertisements, etc etc. It's just good old runescape. That'maybe why so much
      players are attracted by it .

      "when i am first day to play runescape , it was like HEAVEN" Tedy , one of
      our site loyal buyer told us that . he likes runescape so much . he told us the
      oldschool runescape had a huge influence on his childhood ,he said :"i dont want
      eoc i dont want pre-eoc i want this, Oldschool reviving childhood . he is such
      a big fan for runescape ^-^

      What do u think about old school runescape , welcome to share your idea with
      us !

      • By: Jackredslock Green · Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 01:44 AM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share

        If you've got the cash and interest to spare, then RuneScape would like to
        convince you to invest in one of its 2013 Premier Club packages.

        Jagex has unveiled its new limited-time Premier Club membership tiers, which
        offer extra goodies in exchange for committing to a multi-month subscription.
        The bronze package is $23.50 for three months, the silver is $44.50 for six
        months, and the gold is $86.50 for a full year. Extras include exclusive pets,
        bonus spins on the squeal of fortune, and access to a VIP server.

        Jagex congratulated the community on donating in-game wealth via the Well of
        Goodwill that was translated into a real-world donation by Jagex to several
        charities. The studio split $90,838 between seven charities. RuneScape also just
        added a level 92 slayer, the Airut, for players to defeat.

        • By: Jackredslock Green · Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 01:54 AM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share

          Gaining gold items is necessary for accelerating in the game of RuneScape.
          Some gamers in this well-liked MMO may locate that making thousands of gold
          items is a daunting job. There are several simple and fast means to make
          RuneScape thousands. Paid participants have the most opportunities for making
          quick gold. However, there are also methods completely free players to gain
          thousands of gold items in RuneScape.

          Earn Millions of Gold Parts in RuneScape through Skills

          The best capabilities to make thousands of gold pieces in RuneScape are
          extracting, fight, food preparation, crafting, miracle, smithing and
          woodcutting. Each of these skills is readily available totally free RuneScape
          players. If you're a RuneScape participant, you could likewise gain millions of
          gold items by fletching, thieving, hunting and slaying. Improving your dexterity
          abilities will certainly additionally assist you to earn gold in RuneScape,
          considering that some journeys require a high speed degree to finish. You could
          make use of these abilities to make items to cost gold in RuneScape, or you
          could utilize them to combat animals in the computer game to make sure that you
          can gather beneficial items that they go down.

          Earn Thousands of Gold Parts in RuneScape with Quests

          There are numerous journeys that supply gold items as a reward. The All Fired
          Up pursuit and Olaf's Journey both have a gold reward of 20,000 gold items. To
          save time, you ought to complete these quests progressively as you work with
          various other activities within RuneScape. You could discover journey
          walkthroughs and overviews on websites such as Suggestion. it and Sal's World of
          RuneScape. You should deal with your capabilities such as battle, strength,
          assault, self defense, petition, firemaking, farming, woodcutting, slaying,
          hunting, angling, mining and additional to qualify to complete greater degree
          missions in RuneScape.

          Make Millions of Gold Parts in RuneScape by Accumulating Items

          There are a lot of products in RuneScape that are worth a lot of gold. Some
          of the most useful products you could find in RuneScape consist of treasures
          such as precious stones and dragonstones, particular natural herbs and seeds,
          native minerals such as iron and gold, law and attributes runes, rune shields
          and rune sabers.

          Earn Millions of Gold Parts in RuneScape by Marketing Products on the Grand

          The Grand Exchange is an industry in RuneScape where players could purchase
          products and deal items for sale. It is found in the northwestern corner of
          Varrock. You'll obtain even more from the Grand Exchange if you're a RuneScape
          participant, however the industry is likewise available to cost-free players.
          Investing on the Grand Exchange will certainly obtain you well on your way to
          ending up being a RuneScape millionaire. You can discover the existing prices
          for items on the Grand Exchange Data source on the RuneScape website.

          It's very essential to enjoy prices thoroughly prior to you attempt to
          merchant RuneScape items. If a RuneScape gamer makes a supply listed below that
          price, your item will not offer. You will need at the very least 50,000 to
          100,000 gold items to begin merchanting in RuneScape.

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          a best place where you can buy rs gold cheap and get cheap runescape gold fast

          • By: Jackredslock Green · Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 03:10 AM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share
            Content Poll 13 closed yesterday, so today we bring you a selection of updates that passed the 75% threshold:

            PvP World banking

            On PvP worlds, bank chests have been added to all four respawn points so that people can't teleblock you on your way to the bank. The chests don't appear on non-PvP worlds.

            Fairy ring log

            The fairy ring network now remembers each ring that you visit, and displays their details on a new menu. The dials can now be rotated in both directions, and the mushroom rings have had their click-zone enlarged.

            Incense burners

            Player-owned house incense burners can now be refuelled before they go out, provided you have some marrentill. This should help you prevent them expiring while you're in the middle of a batch of bones.

            Stats interface XP display

            On your stats interface, the pop-up tooltips that show your current XP now use commas to make the numbers more readable.

            Charge spell messages

            The messages from the Charge spell now appear in red to make them easier to see.

            />We'll be working on the Slayer updates over the next few weeks, most likely releasing the new features in stages as each batch is ready.

            In other news

            For the Thanksgiving holiday, there's a bunch of gnomes having a feast on Catherby beach, featuring turkey meat that you can eat and kick. Happy holidays, everyone!

            Apart from that, development on the rooftop Agility courses is coming to an end.

            As we've said before, we don't want to make the XP rates vastly superior to existing training courses, since level 99 needs to remain a true achievement for dedicated players. Tomorrow's dev blog will contain some proposed XP rates for the nine courses, so you'll have a chance to let us know how you feel about them before the launch.

            />Don't forget to tune into our weekly livestream, today at 5pm GMT. This week Mod Mat K will be talking about how the recruitment for our new QA tester is going.

            Please come to the forums to discuss the update.

            • By: Jackredslock Green · Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 01:21 AM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share

              Standing tall

              The first challenge in mapping a rooftop Agility course was to let you stand
              on a roof without sinking through it. Whenever there's a building in RuneScape
              with a sloping roof, the models of the rooftop will most likely overlap the legs
              of anyone who stands on it.

              To get around this, we've had to create platforms above the roof, and make
              you stand on those instead. Then we carefully sink the height of those
              platforms, tile by tile, to make you appear just above the surface of the roof.
              We can make the platforms invisible once we're done mapping them.

              This solution has worked quite well for most of the buildings, but there've
              been some tricky times around tall buildings. RuneScape's only got 4 vertical
              levels (ground floor plus 3 upper levels), and some buildings already use all of

              One building in Falador lets players walk on 3 of its levels, with the roof
              mapped on the 4th level; since we couldn't put a platform above the roof, we had
              to find an alternative way of letting you cross it. Conveniently, the handhold
              obstacle from the Brimhaven arena fits quite neatly.

              Canifis posed a particular challenge here. Mod Reach found that the rooftops
              of Canifis were already mapped on the top level. Fortunately there was nothing
              whatsoever on the level below, so he spent a painstaking morning moving the roof
              graphics down a level so that he could install invisible platforms above

              When we set the height of our invisible platforms, it affects the height of
              any scenery that's too close. This often meant that roof edges would be forced
              vertically downwards as we set the height of the platform. To avoid breaking
              bits of buildings, we had to define some custom pieces of roof edging with a
              built-in vertical offset, restoring the visible graphic to its original height.
              There's a lot of this in Varrock, Falador and Rellekka due to the sticking-out
              bits of edging used in their roof kits.

              Render order

              Back in 2004, when RS2 was first beta-tested and then launched as the main
              RuneScape version, it was quite a feat to have a 3D world rendered in a Java
              applet, running on low-spec computers. One of the tricks that made this possible
              was the way RuneScape didn't do depth-sorting. Let's explain...

              Suppose a man stands in the middle of a large bush. In the real world, some
              of the bush will appear in front of the man, and the rest of the bush will
              appear behind him. In RuneScape, before the 2008 HD update, the game always
              assumes that the whole bush should appear in front of the man. This means that
              the game isn't doing any fiddly geometry to work out which bits of the bush to
              show, or which bits of the man to show, which saves a lot of processing.

              To get around this sort of limitation, we basically don't let humans stand in
              the middle of large bushes! But for these Agility courses, we've sometimes
              needed the player to stand on a long tightrope. In Rellekka, there's a tightrope
              that's about 6 tiles long. A human standing in the middle of the large rope will
              be treated like the man in the bush: the scenery appears in front of the

              Where possible, we've tried to fix this by mapping the rope on the level
              below where the player's standing. RuneScape assumes that things on higher
              levels should appear in front of things on lower vertical levels, so it shows
              the human in front of the rope.

              Sometimes this isn't correct either; occasionally it can be a problem that
              RuneScape draws higher levels over lower levels.

              • By: Shaunqwgh Shaunqwgh · Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 03:44 AM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share

                FIFA 14, because the refashion of the celebrated FIFA series free by Ea Sports, has been globally in style computer game with improved AI intelligence, improved passing and crossing, second probability tackles along side a revamped career mode. FIFA fourteen are one among the foremost favorite video games within the year!

                EA Sports has been following to bring most realistic diversion expertise through FIFA final Team franchise and also the ultra-popular FIFA 14 tested Ea Sports' endeavor. Players' stats, club kits, diversion arena area unit simulated supported what they appear like in reality, likewise because the costs of players' cards. buy cheap fifa ultimate team coins at distinctive costs that footballers signed with their contract with the clubs and leagues, Ea Sports makes corresponding costs for his or her cards in FIFA final Team computer game.

                In FIFA 14, Ea is trying to enhance the confronting mechanic through transportation what's referred to as second probability tackles. For those gamers United Nations agency trust in effective defense rather than simply attack, it's a biggest boon. Within the past iterations, defender gave the impression to be a spectator when they fail to possess the soccer in initial try. Next, the goalkeeper has got to shoulder all the pressure. The confronting zone now's extended to permit defenders to mix contradistinctive forms of tackles and live through mistimed and lost tackles presently and take a look at once more to contend for the ball within the same defensive amount.

                With all-new initial bit management decisions, actuation has already been bolstered. Besides your player's capability has additionally modified up to manage the soccer up to their pace. If a player has higher stats, he are ready to have increased management overall. On the contrary, players United Nations agency area unit less-experienced can slightly suffer. Therefore, a best list and spending sagely plays an important role.

                With mate intelligence, players will build a stronger call, delivering improved run following and smarter and tighter marking. buy fifa 14 coins online. In terms of assault player, they need new strategies to outsmart their oppositions and break down a lot of intelligent defenses by means that of making a foothold for themselves, moving on the backline and checking their pace.

                Scouting is ready to be applied in numerous styles of ways: players might favor to scout for a selected reasonably player likewise as concern one and sure player. Now around gamers will look into the private capabilities of specific players instead of have faith in the general classification system. The most recent edition FIFA 14 is that the biggest hit of the series and is incredibly in style today. You’ll be able to get what you wish as you want within the game. At a similar time, learn a lot of skills to create your fantasy team sturdy.

                Here is the latest tool brought to you for FIFA14. Exploit working as of October 2013 allowing you to modify your coins and fifa points. If it gets patched we will try update it right away.

                Open Tool and wait for EA server connect.
                Enter your EA Email / Origin Email
                Choose your required FIFA Coins and FIFA Points
                Click “Start” and wait for the server transfer.
                Your FIFA points and Coins should be added immediately. If already logged into webapp, simply refresh.

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