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  • By: Wenjunw Wenjunw · Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 09:38 PM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share
    In the thread "An idea about flying", it was confirmed that Blizzard
    will not implement flying until 6.1, so no flying at max level for a few
    months. Many worlds of warcraft fans are curious to see how many people
    will break between 6.0 and 6.1. Safewow, best wow gold site will
    expound this for you.

    Recently, almost all worlds of warcraft
    fans are talking about "An idea about flying". And some of them are
    eagerly look forward to have ability to flying in around and enjoy max
    level content. Some are disagree with the change of Blizzard. Today,
    Blizzard has made the decision that they will not implement flying until
    6.1. The hot topic changed to how many worlds of warcraft fans will
    give up playing the game if there is no flying until 6.1.

    Reasons of break

    All of the world of warcraft fans taking a break between 6.0 and 6.1
    realize that you will not be getting flying at 90. That you will still
    have to do the grind to 100 before you can fly in Draenor.

    2. All
    world of warcraft fans taking a break will do is make they look like a
    whinger on top of making you wait even longer when 6.1 arrives before
    you can fly around and enjoy max level content.    

    3. Some they
    don't want to play in no fly zones and don't feel they'd be missing
    anything from 6.0-6.1 anyhow. The break they take till 6.1 from 6.0 will
    be enough to buy the new expansion with the money they save.

    Reasons of no break

    Some wow fans said they will not break at this time. They said that
    they are agnostic about flying. Whatever the developers decide to do is
    fine with them. Although at this point the incredible levels of whining
    SO THERE” crowd is making me very crabby and leaning more towards the
    "delay flying as long as you can, Blizzard" side.

    2. a lot of wow
    fans said they will definitely be playing. They don't care at all
    whether they are flying or on land. They rarely even notice the
    difference and a few months without it isn't a big deal. Some people are
    so over dramatic about this though. If it bugs you that's perfectly
    fine. But some are acting like the game is completely unplayable without

    3. There isn't enough information available for such
    decisions. We just know that they intend to disallow flying til 100. It
    seems to indicate that the first patch is when it will return, but does
    that mean at a 100 you will get to fly and then the patch will simply
    allow all alts to fly with out waiting. Or does this mean we wait an
    undisclosed amount of time (could be 5 days for all we know) until 6.1
    and then everyone can fly. That information isn't available.

    those descriptions we know there are two different opinions about no
    flying in Draenor Wow World until 6.1. I think it is not wise to quit
    playing this game. we need to observe the further update of 6.0 and 6.1.
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    • By: Chen Min · Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 02:43 AM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share
      Wow Patch 5.4 on the Public Test Realms has aroused much attention from
      many wow players, as the patch 5.4 is much nearer to us, we should
      continue to be patient to wait its coming. You’d better prepare enough buying wow gold
      for your future enjoyment of it. As we all know that this new patch
      includes a brand new Raid, a new area: Timeless Isles, class tuning
      changes, assorted bug fixes, and more. Today, we will have a look at the
      new area Timeless Isle in detail.

      Wow Patch 5.4 new area: Timeless Isle

      Isle is a mysterious island, lost for millennia to the currents of
      time, has emerged from the mists off the eastern coast of Jade Forest.
      Players seeking to explore the Timeless Isle should visit their
      faction’s shrine in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

      The Timeless
      Isle is inhabited by all manner of strange and powerful creatures that
      will test the mettle of solo explorers, but great rewards await the
      brave and skillful: epic loot, bind-to-account gear, Mogu Runes of Fate,
      pets, mounts, fun toys, and much more. Besides, the Isle is filled with
      secrets and mysteries, many of which dynamically become available to
      explorers. Keep an eye on your minimap while on the Isle for information
      on nearby events!

      The Timeless Isle is home to five new world
      raid bosses! Players may face each of the four Celestials in a trial of
      combat. Heroes who have earned the legendary cloak from Wrathion may
      access the sanctum of the fiery Yaungol demigod Ordos, atop the Timeless
      Isle. Anyway, you’d better buy wow gold best for all new wow updates.

      addition, going to the brand new area Timeless Isle is probably the
      quickest, most effective, and most straightforward method of gearing up.

      Have fun in the Timeless Isle with cheap wow gold

      brand new area Timeless Isle is one of the hottest feature in wow patch
      5.4. You should start with getting an introductory quest from Chromie
      and end with the reward of Timeless Cache that will instantly give you a
      random piece of Item Level 496 gear appropriate to your current loot
      specialization. This may be attractive enough for you to quickly
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      • By: Jackredslock Green · Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 02:17 AM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share
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        • By: Chen Min · Mon, Jan 13, 2014 at 02:09 AM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share

          The the chief fighting designers of the World of Warcraft Ion
          Hazzikostas interview video connection. In the interview, the Ion is not
          only to introduce our new 5.2 patch RAID copy some cases, also revealed
          that the World of Warcraft battle mode in the future development trend.
          Boss battle in a copy of the design in the future there will be more
          random elements to get WOW Gold, some boss will cast what skills you can
          not fully predict.

          In the plot, Ion tells us that the magic ancient tribe occupied a
          central position in the most recent version, 5.2 Raytheon is the magic
          of the ancient tribe leaders, Raytheon Advent "in fact he wants to
          revive the whole empire might rule. Our final task is to go down with
          him. Behind the story, they will not re-occupy the location of such a
          center, but about the ancient secrets of magic ancient tribe in fact
          Panda Elijah even the history of the World of Warcraft related.

          In fact, we have realized the need to join the boss battle some
          random elements, each boss battle are identical really mean. Our work in
          this regard has not been stopped, and in fact, to some extent, we've
          added some random elements, some boss will cast what skills you can not
          fully predict. But on the other hand we do not want these random factors
          are overweight, this boss battle is completely irregular so players do
          not want to see. The players roles were reversed in the battle which is a
          very interesting idea, and I think that the players should be in the
          choice of a career is to want to use this occupation in the battle so
          that he and other occupations reversed, and then all of a sudden he got
          experience completely different this should bring about negative effects
          give the player's gaming experience. As for Karazhan chess, we have
          considered future copies so completely different boss battle, so that
          the copy becomes more interesting.

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          • By: Jackredslock Green · Mon, Jan 13, 2014 at 02:06 AM · 1 0 0 · Comment · Share
            In the online world of "RuneScape," players make gold by killing monsters, completing quests and selling valuable materials. For a player who just wants to create a steady income of runescape gold, gold farming is an option.

            Primary Method

            Gold farming is a process in which you pick one monster type, a cow for example, in a small area to hunt, kill and loot over and over again. You then sell the loot to merchants in the game for gold. In the example of the cow, the hide sells for over 100 gold pieces.

            Other Methods

            Aside from looting monsters, you can also farm gold using the in-game skills of your avatar. For example, you can use the woodcutting skill to chop down trees and sell the logs or mine gold and iron ore to sell for profit.


            Low-level monsters and tasks have valuable loot available so you do not risk your character dying to make gold.


            Gold farming is a long and tedious process that can take hours to make a substantial amount of gold. You must perform a single mouse click over and over again, which is time that can otherwise be spent exploring the game.


            While it is within the rules of the "Runescape" game to hunt and kill the same monster or mine the same material over and over again, doing so via an automated system, known as a macro, is grounds for account deletion.

            • By: Wenjunw Wenjunw · Sun, Jan 12, 2014 at 09:42 PM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share
              The human race great talent and skills . Diplomacy can let them get
              prestige faster. Human Spirit provides additional 3% spiritual healers
              can have a higher back to blue. Sword Mace Specialization for melee is
              also greatly improved. Select PVE role to develop as human beings can
              make you more effective.

              However, the most important of all,
              self-interest , every two minutes , lifting of all control. This skill
              not only shine in PVE , for PVP players are also excellent choices.
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              you rest a jewelry slot. This means WOW Gold players can more or wearing
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              reverse the situation . At the high end PVP, this advantage more and
              more obvious. If you choose the PVE -based occupational therapy ,
              self-interest but also allows you to immediately out of the BOSS
              dizziness and other adverse condition , immediate rescue team is about
              to collapse .
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              • By: Jackredslock Green · Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 02:27 AM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share
                Runescape is a popular online game that allows player interaction and role-play. One of the tasks a player may engage in is earning gold coins. There are many ways to earn gold pieces, but any method or combination of methods will take time in order to amass one million.Never mind today we will share the strategy to make a millon coins on Runescape. If you buying runescape 2007 gold, welcome to

                1.Complete Rune Mysteries Quest. Mine Rune essence in order to earn 38 to 42 gold pieces. You will need a pickaxe and a lot of patience.

                2.Make steel bars in order to sell them for gold pieces. The market price per steel bar ranges from 500 to 600 gold pieces. Once you have a mining level of 30 and a smithing level of 30 you may utilize this.

                3.Power mine for the most valuable item at your current level. Sell this item in the Grand Exchange for gold pieces. You will need to be at the appropriate mining level for the ore of your choice.

                4.Power woodcut the most valuable wood you can access at your level and then sell it in the Grand Exchange for RS gold pieces. Maples and yews sell more quickly. Maples will sell for 30 to 50 gold pieces and yews will sell for 300 to 450 gold pieces each.

                5.Kill hill giants for their big bones. Since players may use the bones for prayer, there is a market for them in the Grand Exchange. The big bones of giants will sell for 300 to 400 gold pieces.


                1)Paid members may also sell green dragon bones and hides in order to earn 1,000 to 2,000 gold pieces in addition to the weight of the hide in gold pieces.

                2)Mining pure essence is another way in which paid members may more quickly earn gold pieces. A level 66 magic will allow you to use the magic guild’s rune essence mine teleport in Yanille, which is right by a bank.

                • By: Wenjunw Wenjunw · Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 11:58 PM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share

                  However, it is the Mote of Shadow you
                  are really aiming. The Oshu’gun Crystal Powder is actually just a bonus.
                  The drop rate for the Mote of Shadow is at least 18 percent. Getting 10
                  Mote of Shadows will gain you a Primal Shadow. The latter can be sold
                  in the auction house in exchange for 30 to 35 gold.

                  WoW Gold Guide Tip: Aside
                  from that, don’t forget to loot green items as well. Green items can
                  also be disenchanted or sold at the auction house as well.

                  However, an excellent WoW
                  Gold Guide would not only give you one specific place to farm for gold.
                  There are also other places where you can farm for gold with your
                  hunter. Aside from the Spirit Fields in Nagrand, you can also head on to
                  the Blade’s Edge Mountain where the Skald is located. The Skald is
                  located the eastern north of the Blade’s Edge Mountain, adjacent to the
                  Gruul’s Lair. In here, you can attack the Searing Elemental which drops
                  Mote of Fire (drop rate is 25.9 percent). And just like the Mote of
                  Shadows, you can turn 10 Mote of Fire into a Primal Fire which would
                  cost 30 to 35 gold when sold at the Auction house. Many WoW Gold Guides
                  would really recommend you to memorize where the Auction house is
                  located because this is the best place where you can earn more gold.

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                  • By: Jackredslock Green · Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 03:11 AM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share
                    A new update offers more than 300 new trips from the ports of players in the MMORPG RuneScape.

                    The players of RuneScape having reached level 90 in at least one jurisdiction may open new horizons in with their own port. Acting as a mini-game-high-level management port allows embarking to many destinations to collect many spoils. These trips allow to improve infrastructure and ships from its port, while for certain equipment or specific dishes. If you buy old school rs gold, welcome to

                    Last updated wants expand the interest of ports offering players more than 300 new trips and new items to acquire. Three NPCs are also emerging with Architect (required level 90 under construction), a chef (required cooking level 90) and a hunter (required level 90 trapper).

                    If the sea is calling you, you can see the possibilities port players to this address . If RuneScape is a MMORPG free-to-play on web browser, it will be against by subscriber to consider navigate.

                    • By: Wenjunw Wenjunw · Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 09:51 PM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share

                      Players will update with the return of the piece of information,
                      this is also useful update patch, but players will always be lost over
                      time until the next piece of information on-line. Blizzard is trying to
                      speed up the contents of the update rate piece of information to ensure
                      that everyone has something to do. After leaving the game, the player is
                      mentioned game variations so fast that they can not keep up. Developers
                      can browse Fans site and official forums to get Buy WOW Gold and to
                      understand the players in mind, but in fact, posted on these sites, or
                      see posts players are a minority.

                      5.2 patch in PVP gear change was made to solve the PVP gear and PVE
                      equipment mix issue. Item upgrade is not an optimal solution. 5.2 patch
                      trying to make some of the popular talent more fully utilized, but these
                      changes a little too head off and make some professional too strong,
                      the problem will hopefully be corrected in the 5.3 patch. Any changes
                      relating to occupational goal is trying to ensure that different
                      occupations and specialization are competitive, and then is to make the
                      gaming experience more fun, and then let some talent and cycling more
                      interesting and more fun.

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